Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Worrying? No, no, I'll get it.

Gentle Blog Reader,

If you have any worries today- STOP! I've taken care of all the worrying responsibilities already. I did lots and lots of worrying so as to warrant over-achievement on all worrying goals this week. So don't waste your time! I've taken care of it!


Michael... said...

Gosh, thanks! Now what do I do with myself?! Tell you what, if I could just keep at least 22.5% of my worries, I'd at least have something to keep me from worrying that I might have nothing to worry about. And also, I don't want to worry that my worries might be too much for you. I worry about that. You can have some of them, most of them, if you like, but please leave me with some. Oh, as if I didn't have enough to worry about, without having to now worry about you worrying about my worries! Now I have to worry about what you are actually doing with my worries. What are you doing with them? Are you taking good care of them? I only worry about important things you know. My worries need special attention. Each one needs to be flogged relentlessly until I have a splitting headache. Are my worries giving you a headache? Because if they are not - you are not treating them with the respect they so deserve. You know, come to think of it, I worry now that you won't worry enough over my worries - and this REALLY worries me. Maybe I'll take them back, if you don't mind. It really worries me that you will be over-worried by my worries - or that you won't give them the level of worrying they truly deserve. You know what, I'd be happier if you would just give them all back. Then I won't have to be so worried about what you are doing with my worries. Each one is important to me. I cannot just let someone take them from me - it would not be responsible. Now I am worried that I have offended you - or maybe that you have become attached to my worries? Have I? Are you? If so, you can keep a couple of them if you like, maybe 22.5% of them. But now I worry that you might keep the wrong ones. Oh my goodness, now I have a headache!

Anonymous said...

No worries it's ALL good!

(...hmmm...that bout' says it all)

Y'all have fun down yonder now,
ya hear! <3

Anonymous said...

Um...some worries just showed up from another down yonder, they heard what I said bout' it being all good and were worried they would never play in the light of day...I'm glad they voiced their concerns, see it's all good! They would like to thank you for gathering them up and calling attention to them, they are squinting a bit, so I gave them each a pair of sunglasses, for now anyway...here comes the Sun!

Shannon said...

Yes it's all good! Though I didn't mean to suggest that we should stop worrying! I only meant to say that this week's worry- I've take care of that. But there will be a lot more worrying to do next week, and if we don't keep up with the relentless floggings, who knows WHAT would happen then- horrible just to even think of it, really! Please pass the sunglasses I have a terrible worry hangover. I'll never worry again until the next chance I get to worry, ever.

Anonymous said...

Worrying? Sew 'What'!

Too funny! xo

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I will return the favor one day!