Monday, November 9, 2009

Investing in Hearts

M'dear Dana plays the violin to describe the Angel painting (which thankfully sold)

How's it hangin', homeskillets? I am so happy to be back to yack!
After I took this "I'm all done" break I read about how Aquarians like to take unexpected respites, and I thought, "I resemble that remark!"

The Golden Thread was AMAZING! Super cool awesome! Juicy sweet luscious! It involved a crowd of us throwing 12,000 red rose petals over ourselves in unison. And as Chrysanthie said, "How many years have I been alive? And this is the first time I've felt rose petals falling all over me!" I know that as a person reading this blog, you have sent good vibes and wishes to the show- and I want to say Thanks. Thanks. Really, thanks.

So it's the Sixth Night! Apparently the dollar's going to get dizzy and fall down. But we'll be alright- we're changing our investment strategies. The outdated version of investment is, for example, through the Bank of America apple and all its wormy insides. My friend Lesley told me that Bank of America is owned by the Vatican. Sarah Silverman has a youtube video where she's so excited to tell everyone that she has a solution for world hunger! Just sell Vatican City and there'll be enough money for the dying kids! Brilliant! When I was 12 I read a prophesy by some Catholic followers of Mary. They were really nervous because they heard from the mysterious source (in a picture they took at the scene it looked like a white bird) that the Church would collapse after John Paul II died. They kept telling everyone to pray that the Anti-Christ would be averted. I didn't pray for that, but I did wait to see what would unfold after he left. When I saw a picture of the newly elected Pope Benedict and his spooky face, I thought, "Holy Cow. Holy Cow- here it comes." And man, look at the crumbling. Saw a sign in Granby, Massachusetts saying, "Help Save Saint Elizabeth Church." And of course there's that priest in Wisconsin who got his lover pregnant in the late 80's. He encouraged her to have an abortion, but she didn't want to and had the boy. And now both the young man (his son) and his former lover (son's mom) are dying from cancer. He doesn't keep in touch. But he did send them a card. Religions are like Insurance Companies. They say, "Be afraid. It's Spoooooooooky out there. Bad things could happen! Nothing will be there to help you with bad things if you don't pay us now. We can stop them! Yes we can! Just send money. Credit Cards accepted. Wheee!" But I don't think Blue Cross Blue Shield has stopped enough bad things from happening because they just built a new $7 million building along Dad's commute route to work. He said, "You kind of wonder where all that comes from." I had an account with Bank of America where they used to charge me money for making deposits. Like a modern day indulgence. Pay for your blessings!

Middlemen make life expensive. You notice that? I can get canvases from the factory for 1/3 the price I pay in a retail store. And they haven't been handled- they're crisp clean and new. What a deal! No middleman! I don't know why we're talking about health care reform when all we have to do is cut out the middleman health insurance companies, who siphon off money like the shady guy that steals gas from other kid's tanks in the high school parking lot. Sitting in the pew as the collection basket passes... clink jingle there goes another single... another middleman makes himself a profit.

But then why talk money when we don't know how its value is going to change. We may be receiving and creating a different kind of currency. A new currency that does not support the culture of the charge we've created. One whose frequency of use surpasses our current ability to wire it quickly enough. Once in a hospital bed I was told there was an electrical mistake in my heart. And I believed that for a while until one day I said, "No. Nope nope nope. I will listen so well that it will always be right! Just right for me. I will let it be smarter than anything on the outside!" The most consistent and reliable currency in our lives, in our bodies is The heart the heart! So in the Sixth Night, methinks we invest in hearts. Liquid assets flow in and most consistently like the living sea!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about investments! In hindsight, last Spring when I was in NYC, I was so taken aback and felt sick in my stomach when I saw a store with 4 floors selling assorted paraphernalia of M&M’s, yep, the kind that melt in your mouth, not in your hand! I am so grateful, I have never felt so much Love manifested in the physical realm. Love flowed like the Heart & Star shaped pure raw cacao…one touch and it melted on contact, even my proud Moon in Leo Queen aspect was like, monogrammed linen napkin? “Forget about it!"...
as I watched it melt down my arm…oh yeah baby!
My prayer for myself and for this world is that our hard outer shell be crunched away forever…flowing Love, our only true liquid asset…for sure!.’What’ an experience!!!!

I Love You Guys~ Thank-You,Thank-You, Thank-You!!!!!!