Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lady of Shallot


Suzette said...

She looks like the type that has an ace up her sleeve.
I am sure she lives. Probably found a portal
and is living in Camelot under everyones noses, in disguise of coarse.

Love the colors in the picture and in YOU!

Anonymous said...

You are so gifted Shannon!!!!!!

Yeah, she may have been tied up for awhile but I just know she's got the Ace of Cups up her sleeve,
and wears it over her heart like a protective breastplate...in death she you-knighted herself in Virtue and Valour! (not to mention Vanilla) lol ;)

Anonymous said...

...wow love all you wrote...everybody let go.

Shannon said...

Ahh! Ya'll are incredible!

LOVE your comments! :D

Anonymous said...

Um, that song? Sister...can we say lower the pail down deep into the well.. draw up the beautiful tears?

Another incredibly moving song friend has found you Shannon...
thanks so much for sharing!

Shannon said...

:) <3