Monday, August 17, 2009

Cake Jumping

Once as a kid I watched a cake decorator demonstrating her craft. She swirled and iced a white towering cake, producing little pink roses out of her pastry bag. Watching her was like a dream... not only was there a fluffy multi-layered cake spinning in the air, but it was covered in sweet buttery roses! Who is the genius that made this thing up?!
One of my fantasies is being in a large beautiful room full of waist high be-flowered cakes carpeting the floor. Towers of pretty fluffy cakes. What I'd do is jump belly first into the cakes. Sprinkles in our hair and stuff! Slipping and sliding in the icing! And then, to clean up, we could use water but also lick our arms clean!


Suzette said...

I am definitely IN!!!

Anonymous said...

This remembers me to my Mother making me a cake for my third birthday, there was a beautiful doll in the center and the cake was her dress covered in flowers and she had frosting roses in her hair!