Friday, July 10, 2009

Scape Kale Pizza and Videos

Hey look! An easy tasty pizza. Please click on the pizza dough to see my step-by-step recipe.Here's Sharon Rondeau, my new friend in Stafford. She played her harp for me. What a treat!

And... kittens. I didn't do a very good job filming them, but their cuteness still comes through-

And... the peacock at the farm. He cracks me up!


Angelina Hart Art said...


Anonymous said...

...and delicious too I'm sure, what are garlic scapes? I was in Scotland CT on Fri., soooooo lovely, farms & field after field of wildflowers!

Jimmy said...

Hello to U,
I just checked out a few of your videos on your paintings and thoughts on life. YOur Art is amazingly beautiful. Your energy, awesome.
I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.
I have not yet met you, but my wife and I belong to the CSA and I saw your links on the newsletter and decided to check them out.
Thanks again,

Suzette said...

I loved ALL you share here, Shannon.

Shannon said...

Thanks Angelina :)

Anon, garlic scapes are like flower stems that grow out of a garlic plant. The garlic we eat as a bulb is buried underground like an onion, and there's green leaves on top. In the springtime, the scapes shoot out the top of the plant and you can eat them the way you would a green onion, but a little more dense and garlicy in flavor.

Jimmy, Thank you! I appreciate you coming by and saying hi like that. Maybe I'll see you at the Sunday workday this weekend at the farm. :)

Thank you, Suzette!