Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prince Valiant! Sort of like.

When Sarah and I were in the used bookstore in Rhode Island we got to looking at this book series with phenomenal paintings and illustrations. I bought one of the books! Here it is:
This is the first illustration in there by Yvonne Gilbert Nice dogs, huh? He's got nice dogs. Irish wolfhounds. I knew a gigantic Irish Wolfhound named Huey who, at the time, stood higher than I did. And he never held it over me, which I liked about him.

On Saturday I started a white peacock. Here he is Peacocks are the first of the Four Alchemical Birds. The last one is the Pelican, who apparently pierces her own heart to let her children drink from the blood. I think have that right. So, hey, if you're into alchemy, look forward to that one!


Suzette said...

Wow Good stuff!!!
Peacocks and pelicans uh huh! got it! I think maybe peacocks are a bit narcissistic. i saw one a couple weeks ago at the river park it was staring into a chrome bumper quite enamoured with himself. Very funny to watch.

Shannon said...

ha ha!


There's a peacock at the farm and every time I see him he's strutting around like, "Excuse me everyone. You'll notice... that I am here. Yes. That's right. Me. I am The Man."


Suzette said...

That or he was doing his mirror work!?

Shannon said...

Ha ha!!!

Angelina Hart Art said...

Fantastic Shannon!

Shannon said...

Thank you Angelina! <3

Anonymous said...

Jesus Birds, how very cool. :)