Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Little Thread

Last night was the Little Thread opening. The harpist, Sharon Roundeu, was just phenomenal. Here's her website with a collection of songs you can listen to online.

Christine Reed of Shayna B's and the Pickle donated amazing vegan treats! One of the treats she made was a miniature chocolate cake covered in chocolate with raspberry filling. Wowee!

I felt so supported by my friends and family last night! Good pals came from the farm, Uncle Jim came all the way from Hawaii, and Uncle Dave and Madelyn from here in Connecticut. Uncle Jim is a professional storyteller and musician- here he is singing his song Pride of the Island after the show. We all went back to the house and listened to him play and tell stories.

I liked our Uncle Dave's face as he was watching him:This weekend we had a great Independence Weekend. My friends visited! There's Aja in yellow, then me, Roger Edward, Ryan, Steve, and Misha in the backyard.
On the fourth we went berry picking. Aja says we celebrated Independence Day by freeing the berries from their branches! On Sunday I made lemon almond waffles with raspberry sauce, avocado cream, and basil. The avocado cream was a big hit. Here's the recipe:
1 avocado
3 bananas
juice of a lemon wedge
Big splash of almond milk
...blend all together in blender and serve over waffles like whipped cream.


Anonymous said...

Oh... Ode to Joy!
Thank you for sharing such life!
(...not to mention another taste bud blowin' recipe!)

Brava Bella!

Diane said...

Is Uncle Jim the one who sings the reef song? I remember you playing a tape of that for us. I love that song.

Looks like it was a beautiful night. Wish I didn't live so far away!

Shannon said...

Thank you, Diane. I wish that too!

Yep that's Uncle Jim that sang the reef song. Mmhmm, such a beautiful one. *sniff*

Thanks, Anon :)