Friday, April 10, 2009

Center of the Painting Video Explanations

Here's me explaining what the center of this painting means to me! It's in two parts:


Anonymous said...

Being with you brings tears,
you are scenting our tears...
the simple daisy is believed to have grown from the tears of Mary Magdalene,it was originally called
"the day's eye" are showing the way onward deepening our experience...
leading us back to our sacred center.
Simply Divine Darling Starling... they say when we are able to be fully with her, all flowres are percieved in our lead us on in your truth and beauty...we are deeply grateful.

Anonymous said...

Flow-ers ;)


Marguaritte said...

You describe a very beautiful pathway, where the eyes, the ears, the nose can become the portals into the vibrational source.
I think you are a blue rose!

z said...

Shannon Marie,
There is something very intoxicating about experiencing you in this way.
Thank you for the treat!


Shannon said...

Thank you's! I sure appreciate your all enjoying it! :)