Saturday, March 14, 2009

Roses for Mary

It's gettin' nigh time to jump into the world of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. My room's all set-up! Got my clothes clean and put away, so it looks like a studio again. Tomorrow my pals come over for a welcome back potluck. I'm so excited! It's a party for me! And Monday we put up the permanent mounts on the painting wall! Got my 3 x 4 foot canvas for the Mary and Jesus painting so physically we're good to go! I hope my mind arrives soon- that'd be great. Or not! Who knows! I don't know how this boat's gonna float. This upcoming painting means so much to me and I just don't know what I'm gonna do yet. Not that that's a bad thing. Sometimes I get out onto the high dive and panic, "Ack! What am I doing out here?!" And I yell, "Hey!!! Is there water in the pool?! Jesus it's foggy around here." murmur. murmur. "'Scuse me! THE POOL! I'd like to confirm that there is WATER in the POOL! I can't SEEE it!" Silence. Hear a duck skim across water. "ah Christ." Hold my nose. "Well, here's to hoping. GERONIMO!!!!!"
I wrote out my personal Rose Symbolism. For your enjoyment!:
Rose is the Heart of Love. Different colors show the gleam of a heart c
Red rose is the bleeding heart of sacrifice, the dagger, Mary Magadalen, passion of all flavors, the blood of Christ. From the dark soil rises the blooded phenomenal beauty. Endures death of false hearts.
Yellow rose is joy of life, the refreshment and vivacity of springtime, the bursting forth of earth in her “Let’s DO THIS!” splendor. Oh kind rose gifting her exuberant smile.
Pink is gentle like sister leaving a note for you on a tin of cookies, sweet like a love just met who would like to know if you want to go swimming this afternoon?
Orange is duende of the original dance. Setting sun aflame- Que rica, mi regalona, let joy be unconfined! Bird of Paradise shows his tail feathers. Dance, Handsome!
The Golden Rose is the Godhead, parting to see through incomprehensible depths, the wordless glory of space and time wrapped inside a flower that knows outside of this. You don’t understand? Then look on rose of gold, fairest to behold. It is not like earth’s gold, not solid like our metal, but blooming, and pulsing, ineffable, omnipotent, soft, fleshy, gentle, generous. Shining forever.
White rose is the purified, losing all colors to be colored by the realms of God- the blank and yet the needing nothing to create beauty, it being complete in its simple shine. “There is no dirt on this rose” Nor yellow or brown, no tinge of one thing or another. This rose is white. Which color will shine in the night?
A purple rose weeps for what was, mourns for what is, is soft knowing what comes. Not weak, but brave. Purple rose falls all around the Garden of Gethsemane whispering, “I know, I know, I know…”
Black rose knows the secrets of perfumery. Watch out, she is a witch, black rose. But who knows, really, what kind of witch she might be.
Blue Rose lives in Heaven and knows the Sky. Gentle with prayers, she can hold them.


Anonymous said...

You are beautiful.

Michael... said...

"He 'a rose' in east Her."

This riddle was given to me many years ago by a profound teacher of the heart.

She said: "Michael, feel this out: He 'a rose' in east her. Integrating this is the key to the door of what you are looking for..."

"Mary 'a rose' too."

We await your painting Shannon. Thank you for letting us know you are taking this particular journey right now. I feel perfectly aligned now.

Anonymous said...

To share with Shannon...
In the God gifted season of yuletide past, in the deep dark of night a voice filled with light declared:"It's all-ready in you" And I saw the brightest holiest star that we are, desend to it's place atop our tree within.

Mary, Mary here in the heart strolled through the store with a grocery cart...the crowd that shopped stopped to raise their eyes in twinkling recognition as her presence walked by... home again, the deepest grateful tears were cried...

then seemingly drowned in endless waves of pain, back into that grave she was layed.

Yet in truth, eternally moved, the rock rolls away,
and from the cave the well spring of life flows forth...
drenching a rose in glory.

The sky stretches out and is perfectly reflected in the water below and that star parts the clouds in a flash.

They are you and come through you, you know the way 'in' through the portal of Christmas lights...

Dear sweet gift of God paint on, paint on!!
Paint the sky for the earth below so the world will from Source united.

Shannon said...

This all makes me feel as if I just walked into a new same world where everything is already complete.

Michael... God, thank you for this gift- this most precious gift.

Anonymous, My cup runs over. Thank you for making and giving this to me.

A whole lot of love and thanks,

Michael... said...

Shannon, your musical accompinyment to the blog is impeccable. I love your tunes. You tune me up!

Hey Steve! What's up?


Anonymous said...

Two sisters met on a sacred path...
One's name was Hope and the other's name was they walked both sadness and joy began to spring from their hearts and Hope said to Faith, "May I call you Mary?" to which Faith replied, yes Mary, you May!
YW, your name was written all over it ;)

Shannon said...

Thanks, Michael! So glad you dig the music! I really like choosing the songs and stuff.

Hey Anon that's wild! I just reconnected with a friend named Hope whose twin is Edan and every time we say their names it goes, "Hope in Eden." :)