Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's All Right

You ever get to feeling a little down?
I know I do. Even when the most wonderful things are right under my nose!
Sometimes I have to be reminded that just looking at the world in my own way is fun...
And it's good to know that even when it feels like I'm walking alone, something lovely comes along with me...
It's natural to feel kind of small, and wonder about the big stuff
But big things like love too!
And they make the best bridges!
...So what am I up to?
Creating a 2010 calendar! Here's the first page sketch.

Last night I told my family I was a little nervous about this year. I want to do an art show! I want to make a calendar! Maybe I should choose one. Katie said, "I think you should do both." Even if I'm a little scared? "Sure!" Cause....
What do you think, Aly?
So true.


Anonymous said...

Love it...Hug a babe, hug a tree doesn't get much alrighter!!!!!! Do it all! I remembered just now that the chicken in me is actually just a sweet fluffy chirping chick! Thanks!

Steven A Munn said...

I love it!!! Have it all love!!!

Kate Dennison said...

So sweet- we love the shout out to Dennison love and support. We love you AUNT SHANI !!!!