Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Lady

We saw a woman raining silver drops from her sky. She steadied across the expanse. And as she rained she weaved an airy tapestry, fine thread of a golden strand, delicate shimmering from a spiders web, bright shining of the starring sky. And she looked at us all with a kind smile. So kind. One of our kind?

Mary, how do you look? Mary, how do you look?
Like this, is how I look. I look like this.

I've been doing some Mary begging. Getting pathetic for a good cause! I think. After seeing the Pieta, my dear friend John Ananda commissioned a painting of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, focusing on their love, what they planted, and perhaps on their daughter Sarah he told me about. My daydreams, albeit shallow, have been entertaining. And at the same time I'm like, "Shit. I don't know them at all!" So for the past three weeks I've been wondering about them all. Just to be clear, it's going pretty badly. Piss poorly, in fact. Which is usually a good sign. In the sense that- "If you think I'm just going to put my flowing answer into that cobwebbed bottle you got another thing coming, sister. Shape it up! Clean it out! Then we'll talk. Spit spot!" I feel like I've just drug myself through the mud and then gone to the cleaners. Nothing actually happened. But that's how I feel.

Anyway what's above is the first I've seen of her. Though it doesn't sound particularly original it felt that way. I kept thinking of Mary Magdalene with Jesus in a small space. And then she just showed up across the sky like that. Much better!


Anonymous said...

...even if as of late I am not finding mysterious little flower gems as I dust and clean the house...even though daisies no longer pop up in my dreams...she is always here...up close and personal, you know her...and him...intimately! Crazy how comforting it is to hear you say that
'Piss poorly' is a good sign...been a beggar too!

Can't wait!!!!!!

Shannon said...

how beautiful. thank you.