Saturday, December 13, 2008


I get a little wary when talking about The Goddess. I hear, "Careful, careful. Know that you don't know."

Medusa. Do you suppose she was supremely elegant? With wild twirling hair? A penetrating glare? Adventurous and somewhat stupid men will climb to the top of a mountain and die there- frozen like stone. Is that the mountain's fault? Once as a hurricane raged I went to stand by the ocean to feel her storming. The wind punished me with sand and the foam flew and the sea churned all white. It said, "If you come in here, you die." 

It's as we were advised when small: When the Lady is speaking, do not interrupt her.


Anonymous said...

Killing Angel

O killing angel
I know that you
are not through with me
for in your quiver I see

many arrows more
still to fly
through my heart
before I die

of this love
I stand corrected
I circled and watched
hoping to be protected

when upon her dream
did I alight
flicker of recognition did seem
to give her third eye sight

and soon she saw through
what to me as it lay
did seem true
as the first light of day

killing angel
how many dreams must you pierce
why must you peel back the skin
of my soul to find the sin

long repented of
so long wept for
knowing nothing of love
I crept to her door

killing angel
your arrow knew more
as it pinned me
to the killing floor

to wait


Hi Shannon. I'm enjoying your brief post. I'm at the coffeeshop and wrote this poem here this morning inspired by what we talked about yesterday...I think it could be a song pretty easily...

Shannon said...

Right on, Shep. Right on. I am feeling that.

Yes please do sing it!

Katie Jane Wennechuk said...

Dear Shannon, I looked at your blog just now from the Countdown blog that Nesia writes. What a beautiful artist you are! I will be watching to see how your new pieces come through you and read about your experiences with "her."
That is a link to a conversation that Duncan Campbell had with Carolyn Myss about her experience with St. Theresa of Avila with whom she wrote "Entering the Castle." I didn't read the book, and it was prolly a year ago I listened to this interview, but it I was so reminded of it when I read your blog, I thought I'd send it along. Maybe it would be interesting to have a listen while you are sketching. I can't draw a stick figure (literally) so I have no idea of the painting process but I was so moved by your story of working with what seems to be your ultimate muse that I just wanted to give you a shout out and a "YOU GO GIRL"!!!! What courage to just cancel your show and follow your open heart.

Shannon said...

Dear Katie Jane,

Thank you! I enjoyed that interview!

warm wishes and thanks,