Saturday, November 29, 2008

Next Chapter Update

Late tonight I took off my clothes and walked outside into the freezing cold. The ground is frozen. And it is quiet. I got in the hot tub! I did not know why I felt like I did- my friends were inside and no one seemed comfortable. I thought I had had enough of people and so I went to ask the stars. You know what? I could not hear them. Inside the house the warm lights glowed into my darkness and I caught glimpses of people I love inside. And thought that though the stars are beautiful, my eyes loved the closest ones.

So I thought of you and how it'd be good to say what is going on with this blog that I am keeping. First, The Her Good Heart Show- Roger filmed it. He told me today that he is going to create a little video! This is a very kind thing for him to do! When it is done, I will post it here. So we know that's coming- hurray!

Tomorrow I begin my (visit-filled week-long) drive from Stafford CT to South Carolina. I have a pirate birthday party to arrive in time for! My nephews James and Michael will be turning 5 and 4! My niece Aly Grace is 6months now, and am looking forward to hearing her giggle in person. I will be in Beaufort with my sister Kate and her family, my Mom Karen, and Nana. Dad's in Florida and we'll be doing lots of visiting together too.

So what's next? More painting for me. Wanna keep doing this thing here? I'm enjoying it! I told Angelina this morning that it'd be good for me to do a collaborative show in Beaufort this March and a few minutes later she said, "Great! So what's the date of the show and where is it?" These are good questions! Will keep you posted as this next little adventure emerges. I'll keep putting pictures and stuff up here. (12/10/08 note: I've decided as of now that the only show I'll be doing this year is The Golden Thread- all other musings have been wiped clean.)

When it's time to daydream, come take a midnight walk with me in the snow. We'll be so warm in our hooded fuzzy robes and so bright in our cheeks that the white tigers will come to us with a soft smile and snuggle paws around us with snowflakes falling under Lady Moon beaming our way- she's wearing a quilt tonight with red patches embroidered with golden thread. You're beautiful, did you know?

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