Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rose Window Piece

Here it is with some more color into the stained glass window. Nearly all the colors in this painting are in their brightest hue. When I first began painting, I asked artists and dealers what I ought to do to make my paintings better. I was told that I really ought to limit my palette more. A restrained palette creates a rested harmony, whereas many colors can be confusing. After many attempts at restraining myself, I've begun to see that I enjoy a little confusion and a little mess in some of my pieces, which explains this one.

Hey check out the flying hot pepper with a sombrero! To see him, you may need to click the picture to enlarge.

Here's this one in process. The galaxy at the right lower corner is the Pleiades, with one star shining through a little sparrow. I love sparrows- how they tweet, twitter and hop! They always seem delighted to me, and they remind me of how Jesus said they are sold for just a few pennies- and the Father takes such good care of them- why be concerned? Behind the woman is a stained glass rose window radiating out of her Temple. She is from a John Singer Sargent pencil drawing.

Written within the stained glass is the line "And I will touch this tender wall until I know I'm home again," from Peter Gabriel's song, "Your Eyes". At the base here is written, "But what you have to understand is that it's over." I kept hearing that within myself these past few months, so the "It's over" bit naturally migrated to the canvas. Those phrases will both likely be painted over when I finish.
There's some action going around her heart area with different figures lightly painted, and for me that symbolizes the alchemical bubbling that travels up to the bright window of seeing more clearly. She's staring at a dead rose, which is just white right now.

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